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The Internet is Full of BS

As great as it may be for putting information at our fingertips, the Internet is failing us in that is continually becoming awash with misinformation rather than information. The internet has an ability to affect global opinions on everything and it is being used to manipulate us on a global scale.

For now, this site is going to be dedicated to calling it like it is. We will expose some of the worst offenders of internet propaganda and try to steer you back towards the truth. And to start down that path I introduce my #1 complaint:

The Internet Promotes Misinformation ahead of Correct Information

The Internet works like this: Someone with a specific agenda and a good deal of cash (usually a large Corporation or government body) has a specific agenda they would like to promote. They spend the time and money to create a web site with a significantly authoritative look and spew their rhetoric all over it as if it were fact. Then along comes a bunch of wannabe internet hacks who put out budget sites with a bunch of ads in hopes of generating a bit of traffic and making money off of the people who click on the ads. Very rarely do these people know what they're writing about, they just want in on the action. So, to figure out what to write they simply look at other sites on the Net and repost the same information. Invariably they end up reposting the propaganda that the big budget site put out because it 'looks' the most authoritive. This happens again and again until the internet is full of sites on that topic all spouting the same propaganda. The mere scale of repitition makes it 'true' in most people's eyes. How can it be wrong when everyone says the same thing?

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